Grace John – Principle Investigator


Phone: (352) 294-6314

Office: 310A Bartram Hall

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Raiza Castillo, PhD. – Horticultural Science, University of Florida

Research Interests: functional anatomy, plant hydraulics, gas exchange, plant-insect interactions

Favorite Plant: Bromeliads

Graduate Students

Claudia J. Garnica Díaz, M.Sc. Biology, University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez Campus

Research Interests: environmental gradients, functional ecology, plant physiology, unusual soils adaptation, drought resistance

Favorite plant: Passiflora alata

Undergraduate Researchers

Brian Branstetter– Biology Major and Theatre Minor, Pre-Med Track

Interests: Hiking, photography, film analysis, poetry, coffee

Favorite Movie: Lady Bird

Check out Brian’s poster below!

Anne Margaret Harrison – Business Administration, Pre-Dental Track

Interests: travel, exploration, hikes, service-related activities

Fun Fact: I have traveled to 16 countries!

Kateřina Jakešová– Spanish, Pre-Med Track

Interests: traveling, yoga, baking, true crime

Fun fact: studied in two schools in three languages at the same time

Ashley Schuler– Environmental Science, University Research Scholar

Research Interests: Plant anatomy, salinity, horticulture

Favorite Plant: Albizia julibrissin

Check out Ashley’s poster below!

Nicholas Smith – College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences Biology

I’m an undergraduate at the University of Florida entering my junior year. I have been with the lab since February of 2020 and have enjoyed working with Dr. Grace and my lab peers immensely! My main academic interests include botany (of course), psychology, and general chemistry which I volunteer as a TA for. For fun I like include hiking, gaming, fishing, and playing basketball. 

Check out Nick’s poster below! 

Jaimie Wargo – Environmental Science and Chemistry dual major

Research Interests: biofuel, sustainability, renewable energy

Favorite Plant: Dracaena marginata

Check out Jaimie’s poster below!

Interested in joining the John lab? The John lab is always recruiting excited minds!

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