Join the lab

We are looking for enthusiastic and creative scientists from diverse backgrounds and at all career stages. We are interested in a broad range of questions relating to plant structure and function. We use interdisciplinary tools in the field and the lab including measurements of anatomical structures, physiological experiments, and quantitative genetics. If you’re interested in having fun doing great plant science, please get in touch!


I am not actively recruiting postdoctoral researchers at this time, however, I encourage anyone interested in working in the lab at the postdoc level to contact me about opportunities to secure independent funding.

Graduate Students

I am currently recruiting graduate students through the Department of Biology to be admitted in Fall of 2022. The application deadline is December 1st 2021 (see application instructions). I cannot stress enough how important “fit” is when choosing a graduate program. The first step for you to determine if I would be a good advisor for you is to check out my research interests and publications to get a feel for what we do in the lab.

If you’re interested in contributing to my ongoing research or are excited about future directions, please get in touch with me as early as possible before the application deadline to give us time to discuss projects, assess your fit in the lab, and prepare your application documents.


Want to get hands-on research experience, develop real world skills, and contribute to exciting scientific discoveries?! Please contact me if you’re interested in volunteering.

For more information about undergrad research opportunities across campus visit the center for undergraduate research.

Also check out the UF Journal of Undergrad Research

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